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Features You Want and Need

RetailWare Online goes beyond basic sales. We provide features that dive retailers need to remain organized, profitable, and focused to successfully run their business. Do you have multiple stores? No problem, we can consolidate inventory for you. Do you need multiple users? Easy, we can add or remove users upon request. Are you looking to set up a temporary store at a special event? If you have an internet connection it is just as good as being at your store.

Of course all the basics are there as well: customer management and history, accounts receivable, purchasing, work orders, rentals, trips, classes, email, and so much more. Rather than read about these features, request a live demonstration which you can access at your convenience or schedule a private session with one of our industry specialists.


Affordable and Flexible

We understand that your sales can be seasonal. So why be forced to pay for a service you don’t need? RetailWare Online solves this problem by allowing you to add or remove users at your request. We also don’t believe in long term contracts. If you need to cancel or suspend service for any reason just give us 30 days advance notice and we will take care of this for you.

RetailWare Online is only $100* per month for the first user with a $99* setup fee. Additional users are only $30* per month. Of course, you might prefer our free option. Yes, we said free. Read below regarding our merchant processing options for more information.

* All pricing in USD and subject to change without notice.


Support, Security, and Reliability

We understand that you cannot run your business if your system is not available. This is why RetailWare Online is monitored 24/7/365 to make sure it is there when you need it. Our innovative notification system alerts us immediately whenever an unexpected problem occurs. Your data is absolutely secure and we make sure it is backed up nightly. Why worry about all of this at your location when we will do it for you? If disaster strikes your store we are there for you. It is very easy to get back up and running since your point-of-sale, inventory, and other critical information is offsite, safe and sound. Still having problems? Our email or phone based technical support is complimentary with the service!


Download and Demo

You can contact us at anytime to schedule a demo of RetailWare Online. To expedite the process, be sure to have downloaded the RWO Installer. This will allow us to quickly get your computer connected to our servers and allow you to have a hands-on demo of RetailWare Online.

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